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Laravel: The Fantastic 4 Interfaces — Responsable

Credit where is due. Last year I stumbled upon an article of Josip Crnković, in which he walked through some of the useful interfaces the framework has. In it, he discovers some that are used to send a Response to the browser. After giving them a shot, I have to say these alleviates a lot of DRY problems […]


Top 20 Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks

Hybrid Apps Frameworks Introduction : A Hybrid Mobile Application is like any other application that you should be found on your phone or on your hand-held device. A hybrid mobile application can be viewed as the best (or the worst) of both the Native and HTML5 worlds together. The frameworks are neither numbered in order […]


when user login through terminal, automatically an email send to owner

Put the following in /etc/profile: How the script works /etc/profile is executed at every login (for bash shell users). The if statement will only return true if the user has logged in via ssh, which in turn will cause the indented code block to be run. Next, we then build the text of the message: $(date) will be […]


How to resolve a web “Connection timed out” error

“Connection timed out” is an error that occurs as a result of a script exceeding the maximum timeout value.  If a client connection does not receive a response from the server after approximately 30 to 60 seconds the load balancer will close the connection and the client will immediately receive the error message.  In most […]


just empty the file with:



Less command is linux utility which can be used to read contents of text file one page(one screen) per time. It has faster access because if file is large, it don’t access complete file, but access it page by page. For example, if it’s a large file and you are reading it using any text […]


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